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Rename a Windows 98 PC

Working complete PC
Blank Diskette
Student Diskette, "New Boot A Ver 2.0+"
Student CD-ROM, "Room 6359"
The student will become familiar with:
The concept of Networking,
Configuring the machine name,
Learn the nature and function of the machine name.
This module is an integral component of the Windows 98 networking modules in which the student will understand the nature and function of the Windows 98 Network Control Panel applet and the related concepts including network components, protocols, services and clients and how to install and remove these Windows networking components, as well as be able to configure them in order to establish a Peer-to-Peer network. The student will gain experience in the installation of a Network Interface Card and connecting the cabling between the two systems to establish physical connectivity of networked PC's.
  1. Any Windows 98 system, whether networked or not can be renamed and the function of the name is the same. The name is the NetBIOS name of the computer. When the system is not networked the role of the machine name is greatly reduced and is only accessed by some software to identify the system, though most software will access the current user profile for this type of information. Once networked the machine name takes on a much larger role. This will be the "friendly name" that another user will attempt to find in the Network Neighborhood. If the systems are networked using the NETBEUI protocol then the friendly name becomes for all intents and purposes the actual network address itself. Under NetBEUI the name is the only way to address the system.

  2. Procedures
  3. Once a NIC's drivers have successfully been installed the Network Neighborhood icon will appear on the desktop. If it does not then the drivers did not install properly, or completely or the device itself is malfunctioning. In this event check the device in Device Manager. Here it is assumed that the driver install went properly. Right click on Network Neighborhood and select Properties:

  4. Click the identification tab and enter the new Machine name and the new workgroup name if that is to be changed also:

  5. Click Apply then OK and allow the system to reboot in order for the changes to take effect. See Setting up Sharing on a Windows 98 PC, Setting up a NetBEUI Peer-to-Peer Network, Map a Network Drive Letter for related topics.

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