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CET1172C - A+ Hardware Service and Maintenance Acronyms

You will need to know how to spell these out
And be able to define them.

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Industry Acronyms Study Guide

----Start Copy and Paste----
AC - Alternating Current

AHCI - Advanced Host Controller Interface

ALU - Arithmetic/Logic Unit

APIC - Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

ATC - Advanced Trace Cache

BGA - Ball Grid Array

CLCC - Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier

CQFP - Ceramic Quad Flat Pack

DAC - Digital to Analog Converter

DACK - DMA Acknowledge

DBR - DOS Boot Record

DDR2 - Double Data Rate Version 2

DIB - Dual Independent Bus (architecture)

DIP - Dual Inline Pin (package)

DMA - Direct Memory Access

DMI - Desktop Management Interface

DPMS - Display Power Management Signaling

DREQ - DMA Request

DVI - Digital Visual Interface

DVI-A - Digital Visual Interface - Analog (only)

DVI-D - Digital Visual Interface - Digital (only)

DVI-I - Digital Visual Interface - Integrated (both analog and digital)

DVM - Digital Voltmeter

ECHS - Enhanced Cylinder/Head/Sector (HDD sector addressing)

ECP - Enhanced Capability Port

EDD - Enhanced Disk Drive (BIOS)

EHCI - Enhanced Host Controller Interface

EIST - Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology

EM64T - Extended Memory 64-bit Technology

EPP - Enhanced Parallel Port

ESCD - Extended System Configuration Data (PCI bus CMOS RAM)

FC-PGA - Flip Chip - Pin Grid Array

FIFO - First In First Out (buffer memory organization)

FRU - Field Replaceable Unit

FSB - Front Side Bus

GPU - Graphics Processing Unit

HDMi - High Definition Multimedia Interface

HT(AMD) - Hyper Transport (front side bus technology)

HT(Intel) - Hyperthreading (single CPU core emulating 2)

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IHS - Integrated Heat Spreader

KGP - Known Good Part (Robinsonism - not an industry standard!)

LBA - Logical Block Addressing (HDD Sector addressing)

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LGA - Land Grid Array

LIF - Low Insertion Force (socket)

MBR - Master Boot Record

mFC-PGA2 - micro Flip Chip - Pin Grid Array (version) 2 (Pentium 4 form factor)

MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MMU - Memory Management Unit (cache memory controller)

MP3 - Motion Picture Experts Group (Version) 3 (compression algorithm)

MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group

MPS - Multi-Processor Specification

NRZI - No Return to Zero Inverted

OHCI - Open Host Controller Interface

PAE - Physical Address Extensions

PATA - Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (HDD attachment to controller)

PGA - Pin Grid Array

PIC - Programmable Interrupt Controller

PIO - Programmed Input/Output

PLCC - Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

PNP - Positive-Negative-Positive (semiconductor layers)

PQFP - Plastic Quad Flat Pack

QDR - Quad Data Rate

QXGA - Quantum Extended Graphics Array

RAMDAC - Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter

RGB - Red-Green-Blue

RMS - Root Mean Square

RTS/CTS - Ready To Send/Clear To Send

SATA - Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (HDD attachment to controller)

SCSI - Small Computer System Interface

SC-242 - Slot Connector - 242 (pin)

SC-330 - Slot Connector - 330 (pin)

SECC - Single Edge Contact Cartridge

SEPP - Single Edge Processor Package

SGRAM - Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory

SIMD - Single Instruction Multiple Data

SLI - Scalable Link Interface

SMART - Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

SMP - Symmetric Multiprocessing

SPGA - Staggered Pin Grid Array

SPDIF - Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format

SPP - Standard Parallel Port

SSE - Straming SIMD Extensions

SXGA - Super Extended Graphics Array

UART - Universal Asynchronous Receive/Transmit

UDMA - Ultra Direct Memory Access

UHCI - Universal Host Controller Interface

USB - Universal Serial Bus

UXGA - Ultra Extended Graphics Array

VAC - Voltage Alternating Current

VBR - Volume Boot Record

VDC - Voltage Direct Current

VID - Voltage Identification (pins)

VRAM - Video Random Access Memory

VRM - Voltage Regulator Module

VT - Virtualization Technology

WXGA - Wide Extended Graphics Array

XD - Execute Disable

XGA - Extended Graphics Array

ZIF - Zero Insertion Force (socket)

----End Copy and Paste----

The student should Copy and Paste the above into a Notepad or Word document and print it. The student should then read a few definitions of each term and write out the acronym spelled out and its definition on the back of a 3x5 card with the acronym on the front of the card. Then practice by shuffling your cards, then spell each one out and then define it. Then flip to the next card. When the student can go through the deck without difficulty a large part of the final exam is in the bag!

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