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The Microcomputer Repairer/Installer Certification Program
Students of CET1171 - Intro to Microcomputer Service and Maintenance
Students of CET1172C - A+ Hardware Service and Maintenance
Students of CET2176C - Server+ Service and Maintenance
Certification Track for Success

General Info for SPRING 2008

The first class for the Microcomputer Repairer/Installer Certification Program starts on August 27, 2008. The class is called "Introduction to Microcomputer Service and Maintenance" with a Course ID of CET1171 and is offered in the mornings Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:00AM - 11:25AM REF#471592 and in the evenings Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:30AM - 9:00AM REF#471593


As a college credit class, new students need to apply for admission to the college, but you do NOT have to apply as a "degree seeking" student. For more information and assistance on getting into the classes for the upcoming Spring semester do not hesitate to contact the program leader, the instructor, or the departmental advisor on how to proceed, or you can stop by the MDC campus and go to Building 3 ground floor Window #1 and apply for admission as a "CREDIT NON-DEGREE SEEKING" student and sign up immediately for CET1171: Tuesday/Thursday Mornings: Reference #471592 or the Tuesday/Thursday evening class: Reference #471593


The Microcomputer Service and Maintenance Electronic Classroom.

FALL 2008 Semester

Start Date: August 27,2008
End Date "A" 8-Week mini-term: October 21, 2008
Open registration for FALL 2008: OPENS JUNE 17, 2008

Program Starting Classes Available:
CET1171 - Introduction to Microcomputer Service and Maintenance

REFERENCE #471592  Tuesday/Thursday Mornings 9:00AM-11:25AM
20 17 14 5 Seats Left!

REFERENCE #471593  Tuesday/Thursday Evenings 6:30PM-9:00PM
20 15 11 8 seats left!

For those students who have already begun the Microcomputer Repairer/Installer Program prior to Fall 2008 (already took CET1171 and CET1172C) then you should continue with the program next semester by taking:

CET1173C - Network+

REFERENCE #484623  Monday/Wednesday Mornings 9:00AM-12:20PM ("A" TERM)
20 19 13 5 Seats Left!

CET2176C - Server+

REFERENCE #484621  Monday/Wednessday Mornings 9:00AM-11:25AM ("B" TERM)
20 17 14 Seats Left!

Students having taken CET1171 and CET1172C by FALL 2008 should also seriously consider pursuing the Computer Specialist Certificate as well. It is only THREE more classes and you get another certificate (one of the least expensive investments in a professional credential anywhere). The first TWO classes are being offered next semester in the mornings back-to-back:

EET1015C - DC Circuits (entry-level, anyone can take it)

REFERENCE #472122  Tuesday/Thurssday Evenings 5:40PM-8:10PM
24 20 15 Seats Left!

CET2114C - Fundamentals of Digital (entry-level, anyone can take it)

REFERENCE #471597  Tuesday/Thursday Evenings 8:30PM-10:50PM
24 23 21 Seats Left!

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