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CET1487C General Description


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an in-depth study of the technologies used in interconnecting the IBM AT/ATX family of microcomputers into full featured networks with an emphasis on preparing the student with the knowledge and skills to be able to design, implement, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and maintain these types of networks. The coverage will include small microcomputer network implementation and the installation and configuration and function of each network component. The class will also include a foundation for preparation for the industry standard CompTIA Network+ certification. (This is NOT a "paper certification" exam cram class, the student will work on actual PC's in the classroom environment.)


Students can start the program with CET1171 - Introduction to Microcomputer Service and Maintenance, an 8 week course that starts at the beginning of each major semester and will end in the middle of each major semester. Students can also immediately enroll in CET1172C which runs from the middle of each major semester to the end of the term. In the following semester students can enroll in CET2176C in the first 8 weeks, and CET1487C in the second 8 week mini-term and be done with the classes in two major semesters time. Students may take the EET1082 during either major semester during the 8 week mini-term or full 16 week term in which it is offered. Upon successful completion of these five classes, the student will earn the Microcomputer Repairer/installer Certificate from Miami-Dade College and have received valuable training toward the CompTIA A+ Certification as well as their Network+ and Server+ certifications.


The Microcomputer Repair Program electronic classroom.

Prof. Calixto teaching the Network+ Certification course

100BaseFX optic fiber server NIC and cable

Getting Started in CET1487C

The CET1487C - Network+ class is an introductory level course and has no pre-requisite requirements. However, since it is intended to be a preparatory class for the industry standard Network+ certification, students should be aware that a significant amount of material will be covered in a relatively short time and students should be prepared to spend several hours a week studying the material.

The student should be prepared to purchase the recommended text book for the course: Enhanced guide to Network+ Networks by Tamara Dean. However, the student does not have to buy this book in particular, but should buy a comprehensive Network+ study guide book of which there are many in the marketplace.

As a college credit class, new students need to apply for admission to the college, but you do NOT have to apply as a "degree seeking" student. For more information and assistance on getting into the classes for the upcoming Spring semester do not hesitate to contact the program leader, the instructor or the departmental advisor on how to proceed, or you can stop by the MDC Kendall campus located at 11011 SW 104St Miami, FL and go to Building 3 ground floor Window #1 and apply for admission as a "COLLEGE CREDIT CERTIFICATE SEEKING" student and sign up immediately for CET1171: Mornings: Reference #(TBA) or Evenings Reference #(TBA)

General information for the SPRING 2008 Semester

Contact an Advisor Now

Network+ Guide to Networks (2005), By Tamara Dean

Recommended Reading (for beginning PC Technician students in general):
How Computers Work, 6th Ed. By Ron White and Timothy Downs ISBN:0789725495
Upgrading and Repairing PC's, 17th Ed. By Scott Mueller ISBN:0789734044
Pocket PCRef, 12th Ed. By Thomas Glover & Millie Young ISBN:1885071388
Recommended Reading (for beginning Network Technician students in general):
Windows 98 Networking, 1st Ed. By Brad Shimmin & Steven P. Klingler ISBN:0078825514
Mastering Windows Server 2003, By Mark Minasi, Christa Anderson, Michele Beverridge, and C. A. Callahan ISBN:0782141307

Toolkit with #2 Phillips screwdriver
Anti-static (ESD) wrist strap
Set of 10 3.5" floppy disks
Set of 10 CD-R blank media

Class Grade Computation:
The final grade for the class will be based on the following:
ATTENDANCE + Daily Quiz:
    3 pts/class X 16 classes = 48 + 2 free points
    Worth up to 50 pts
    (Daily quiz scores may be included in the attendance grade)
    Worth:  50 pts
    TOTAL: 100 pts

CET1487C Course Objectives and Coverage

Course Skills & Objectives:
Students shall learn the basic terminology and theory of microcomputer networking technologies and be able to design and implement small microcomputer networks and be able to troubleshoot, maintenance and service such networks; develop their troubleshooting skills; learn to use various advanced tools; download drivers and obtain tech support on the Internet; complete a Technical Notebook.

Students will design and assemble small microcomputer networks with Ethernet, FastEthernet and wireless network interface cards and their device drivers; examine, allocate and resolve system resources including IRQs, DMAs and I/O Addresses; and interconnect them with straight and/or cross-over UTP cables that they will construct; learn the usage of various advanced troublshooting software tools including the standard commandline interface commands and third party utilities; perform comprehensive network troubleshooting; and find drivers and technical support on the Internet.

Standard 19 inch rack with hubs, switches and patch
panels as used in the electronic classroom.

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