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Course Description

Brief Decription from the Professor:
This is an intermediate level physical microcomputer networking class intended to go beyond book memorized facts and apply them to real world scenarios with an emphasis on the design, construction and implementation of simple to moderately complex enterprise level networking solutions. Students will design and build small to medium business solution networks as well as implement network upgrades, merge multiple networks, merge multiple dissimilar networking technologies, begin to learn how to troubleshoot networks, etc.

Getting Started in Advanced Networking Lab

Advanced Networking Lab (a.k.a. Networking 2) is no longer offered by MDC as such I will privately tutor the classes to current students of the Engineering Dept. You must be taking at least one class with the depratment in order for me to be able to justify tutoring you on campus using the department's resources.

As a private tutoring session with me, I have structured it like a class to reduce your hourly rate to one that is much more affordable. As such there will be rules:

  • Students will conduct themselves as if they were in a regular college class. I understand that you have paid for the class but this does not give anyone exclusive rights to own me or the classroom environment.

  • There is a very large body of highly technical information involved in the most basic aspects of the lowest category of data recovery. I am going to be hard pressed to lecture this material so interruptions during the lecture portion of each meeting must be kept brief.

  • There will be plenty of practical hands-on exercises, but you are highly encouraged to bring your notes and practice as much as possible in the open lab or on a "junker" machine. It is for your benefit only to see what you know and how well you can apply what you have learned during the course of the class.

  • The class is given at my suffering, not yours. As a result I will reserve the right to eject any individual who makes themselves a detriment to the learning opportunities of the others at any time.

  • Payment must be in cash, in full, and up front. If you need a receipt I can provide you with one listing payment for tutoring.

There will be absolutely no refunds after the first week. I always allow the student to experience a full information and action packed lecture to be able to evaluate the difficulty of the class and be able to consider this for several days and still be able to reach a conclusion and be able to request a full refund with no questions asked. I already know exactly how difficult the class is: you don't and that's why I will give you plenty of time to evaluate it and be able to withdraw with a full refund. However, after the refund deadline there can be no refunds and no exceptions in fairness to everyone especially your fellow students. The instruction that I am providing is on a prepaid group based discounted contract and the "no refunds after deadline" policy concerns all failures to attend that are the student's fault including being ejected. If I fail to appear or reach a situation where I will not be able to meet my obligation to teach the class then I will give refunds for all hours that I miss.

Total class contact hours of instruction: 21 hours provided as 3 hours per day (with 15 minute intermission break) for 7 meetings: 3hr X 7 = 21hr.

Fees: Depends on how many students actually attend. Email me at the address below for the exact cost this semester.

Class Schedule: Fridays 6:30PM - 9:30PM Starting Sept 5, 2008. Deadline to pay for the class: Sept 8, 2007, prior to the start of the class. Deadline to request a refund: Thursday Sept 11, 2008. Additional information: email me at

Recommended Reading:
Mastering Windows 2000 Server, By Mark Minasi or
Mastering Windows 2003 Server, By Mark Minasi
Novell's Guide to Netware 4.11 (MUST include the 2-user Version on CD-ROM)

Required Materials:
Toolkit with #2 Phillips screwdriver
Anti-static (ESD) wrist strap

Course Objectives and Coverage

Curriculum Outline:
  • Install and configure a Windows 2000 and 2003 Domain Controller

  • Install and configure a Windows 2000 DHCP, DNS and WINS server

  • Install and configure simple Routers (Windows 2000 Professional PCs with multiple NICs)

  • Design and implement a subnetted network and patch the segments together through routers (Windows 2000 Server PCs with multiple NICs): Enterprise level solutions

  • Construct a complex Router network (Windows 2000 Server PCs with multiple NICs) using RIP and track packets through it

  • Construct a complex Router network (Windows 2000 Server PCs with multiple NICs) using OSPF and track packets through it

  • Install and configure a PXE/TFTP Server (clients boot across the network, diskless workstations): Enterprise level solutions

  • Install and configure Terminal Services (remote control the server from any workstation): Enterprise level solutions

  • Complete installation and configuration of Novell 4.11 2-user student license server and Windows 98/2000 clients

  • Interfacing Novell 4.11/Windows 2000 servers

  • Build custom DOS client boot diskettes that can access the Novell network and restore a workstation over the wire (Enterprise level solutions)

  • Build custom DOS client boot diskette that can access the Windows 2000 Domain and perform a full restore of the workstation over the wire: Enterprise level solutions

  • Installation and configuration of a Wireless segment of the Domain (adding heterogenous network segments): Enterprise level solutions

  • Deploying Windows 2000 Advanced Server as an Enterprise Level Solution (setting up multiple servers each with independent roles working together)

  • Work with network software and commands such as PING, TRACERT, ARP, etc. Introduction to Network Troubleshooting

Students will get to see and use many different hardware and software technologies and face the real world problems of interfacing many dissimilar technologies. The class will be Fridays 6:30PM-9:30PM For more information email me at

If you know anyone currently studying or considering studying networking don't hesitate to let them know about the class also - anyone can take it! In fact, don't hesitate to let friends, family, enemies, etc. know about the entire program - I think we teach PC repair at a higher level, with far more real world, hands-on applicable skills than the examcram houses like F*st Tr*in and at a much better pace and at a fraction of the cost. Don't forget that the guy (or gal) you help today ... may be your INTERVIEWER tomorrow ...

There are references in this class to all that OSI model nonsense ;-) but the vast majority of this class is HANDS ON and it can be taken alone, or together with Networking 1 (CET1173C) which is, by the way, HIGHLY recommended since Networking 1 is mostly the BOOK information that you need and Advanced Networking Lab is mostly HANDS ON application of that information. The class is being offered entirely to give you an opportunity to get hands on experience with these technologies.

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