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ASUS i915 chipset motherboard + Celeron D #:5001.....DONATION: $25 + FREE PCI Video Card
Manufacturer: ASUS, Intel
Socket Type: Socket T (LGA775)
RAM: none, PC3200 DDR (184-pin) Required (see notes below)
At a glance:
3 x PCI slots, 1 x PCI-Express x16 slot, 1 x PCI-Express x1 slot, 4 x SATA-150 ports
Integrated sound and NIC, no onboard graphics, 2 x DDR400 slot support up to 2GB RAM,
motherboard is NEW, never opened and never used, CPU, Intel Celeron D 2.53GHz is also
NEW, never opened or used.
System Requirements:
          ATX 2.0 case and power supply (24-pin/4-pin),
          min. 400W, motherboard is full ATX form factor
          (12" x 7.2"), supports Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server
          Vista and Windows 7 will install as well.
Additional Notes:
          Although the CPU is DUAL CORE, the chipset does
          NOT recognize it. Add $20 and get 512MB DDR400 RAM
          and a generic PCIe x16 VIDEO CARD, $45 for all NEW 775
          parts: motherboard, CPU, RAM, PCI-Express video card.
          ONE LEFT!

ASUS Motherboard and CPU both NEW in the box.