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If you have already taken Data Recovery 1 you should strongly consider taking Data Recovery 2. You can also repeat Data Recovery 1 which is an ongoing evolving project.

Work is currently under way to create an official entity which will administer the classes, the tests, and the certifications, credentials that will be valid in the marketplace. And that is the important point to remember, the DRS Certification will become well known and respected because it will not be easy to obtain especially in terms of time (four classes that will span a minimum of 20 weeks) and level of academic challenge (read: difficult and with hands on tests that will all but completely eliminate the people who are good at memorizing and taking tests but who have no actual skill at performing the operations.)

Students who have already taken the experimental version of Data Recovery 1 will be able to take the official certification exam with a discount equal to what they paid for the class. Students who have taken the experimental Data Recovery 2 will be able to take the official certification version for a discount equal to what they paid for both classes.

For details on the certification see Planned Certifications

These offers for discounted future official certification exams should not to be taken lightly. While the details of the corporate prospectus do not include detailed planned pricing scales, the official versions of the certification exams will, without a doubt, be substantially higher than the experimental versions.

In short, take the classes now while they are CHEAP because they won't be for long! And you will get to take them again with a discount equal to what you have already spent at the later date! Remember: the full certification course track will consist of four classes and the content is already being restructured so that DR1 and DR2 will be different.

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