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Course Terms and Conditions

Please read ALL of this page carefully before attending class

Basic PC Repair Technician competency is required. If you
have never studied PC Repair Technician at any level
you should check out my
Introduction to PC Repair Class FIRST!.

ALL information is under COPYRIGHT claim and pending full copyright application. The student may use all information provided for his own professional use. The student may NOT diseminate any information provided in the class(es) under any circumstance to anyone for any purpose. This information includes but is not limited to: the students' hand written notes of any part of any lecture(s), digital still pictures or digital sound recordings of any part of any lecture(s), or digital or printed materials that I provide covering any part of the class curriculum.

Please note that this course is NOT offered by any college in the state of Florida Department of Education system and therefore is obviously not an MDC course, but instead is a private tutoring session with me. I have structured it like a class to reduce your hourly rate to one that is much more affordable. As such there will be rules: