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Due to the Terms and Conditions of Tripod, I have had to explicitly point out that the Museum is a Museum and that anything you donate is a donation to this not-for-profit endeavor to support YOU my current and former students. As such this is not a store and I can ONLY ACCEPT DONATIONS from current and former students. If you see anything you like, you can reserve the item by just emailing me requesting me to hold the item for you.
Please include the item#, your full name, student number, classes attended, semesters attended, and the day and time you would like to pick it up. (See below for more information on your student identification and eligibility to make donations to the museum)
* All "transactions" and/or "donations" are limited to current and former students only and all donations collected are intended solely to support the project.
* All "transactions" and/or "donations" are cash.
* All "transactions" and/or "donations" are final.
* All "transactions" and/or "donations" are "As is", no guarantees of any kind are implied and none should be inferred concerning the item(s) you receive.
* Absolutely no refunds ... absolutely no returns ... absolutely no exceptions.

I am emptying my deep hoards of vintage components from my house and my storage warehouse exclusively to my former students at a fraction of what I could ask on eBay (for example) primarily so you can get your hands on hard to find or prohibitively expensive hardware easily so that you can have fun with it and learn about how it works. Because of the deep discounted "donations" and the fact that many of these items have not been manufactured this century, it is understood that I cannot offer "store credit" or returns (especially since this is NOT a store!) This is a PC Museum and if you would like any item, you understand that I collect a small "donation" mainly in order to maintain it. Many of the items here are worth many times more than the donations I am asking. When making a request to donate, please include your full name, classes attended (i.e. CET1171), semesters (i.e. Fall '07 + Spring '08) and your MDC STUDENT NUMBER. DO NOT SEND YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER - If that was your student number then just say "Student#: Used SSN at that time."
Prof. Robinson, a.k.a. The PC Repair Prof.