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Use Regedit to Setup the Launch of a Program on Reboot

Working complete PC
Blank Diskette
Student Diskette, "New Boot A Ver 2.0+"
Student CD-ROM, "Room 6359"
The student will learn the basic functionality of the Windows Registry Editor, and
Learn the general concepts of the Registry including,
The nature of the six main registry Hive Keys, and
The nature of a registry key, a registry value, and registry data, and
How to use Regedit to create a new key in the Registry.
The student will build understanding of the nature and function of the Windows Registry and the Windows Registry Editor, and learn how to use the Registry Editor to create a new Key within the Registry.


  1. See The Windows 98 Registry and REGEDIT.EXE

  2. Procedures

  3. Be sure that the left window pane displays the key open under which you wish to add a new value. Then right click on the white space of the right window pane and select "New > String Value":

  4. The new string value appeared right in the window highlighted. We typed over it the name "Whatever". Now right click on it and select "Modify":

  5. In the "Edit String"(value) window type in the path of the program you want to automatically run when Windows boot up, add any path and or parameters and switches it needs:

  6. Close Regedit (you don't need to save in Regedit - any changes made are immediate, permanent, and there is NO UNDO!) When you restart windows you will see your program run. Bear in mind that I created a folder named temp in the C: drive and saved the indicated file there:

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