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CET1171 Practice Test #1 - Lectures 1 to 5

 1. What is the definition of a computer?

A. Inputs data, processes it, and outputs information
B. A complex digital circuit that can perform millions of calculations per second
C. Any machine equipped with a large data storage device
D. Any interactive machine that has a monitor and a keyboard



  1. If you make the correct selection and then click the "Check" button it will NOT count against your totals, but
  2. If you make the wrong selection every time you click "Check" it will count as a wrong answer.
  3. If you do NOT click "Check" and proceed to the "Next" question, your answer will automatically be scored and added to the totals - even if you go "Back" and change it later.
  4. You may "Check Score" at any time and it will not count against you.
  5. Good Luck!

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