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An image I found that has the right feel as "Morning on the Iskamandy River" that runs past the capital of Kassanthica.


Although everything looks and sounds like a science fictionalized Lord of the Rings, and to some extent it is definitely in that genre, it is only fair to say that The Wild Earth is LOTR ... on steroids and Viagra. The Wild Earth is ADULT entertainment while LOTR is definitely kiddie candy not far beyond Harry Potter in content. The Wild Earth is gritty, no, downright psychotic in places not just for the violence, but for the language, sex and adult situations as well. In fact there is at least one scene in Episode 2 - Soldier of the Empire which is one of the most violent I have put down on paper, and I am hard pressed to think of a comparably violent scene anywhere, and it is only the beginning. So, let the potential fan beware, this ain't no Boring Earth, this is The Wild Earth... Please, Enjoy!

Latest NEW! (added 03/09/10)

The Wild Earth is the current project of Ye Yuan and myself, originally intended to be a comic book in an original blend of the Eastern manga style and the western (full highly detailed color graphics) style, its first work is the novelette "The Wild Earth Episode 1: The Amulet of Rebuklon" and while fully written and 413 pages in length, I am currently in the process of fixing up a bunch of flaws in it and it should be ready within a month to be sent to the publishers (hopefully one will take it!)

That name implies a series and in fact I would like someone to take it as a TV series anime, obviously for cable since it is rated R for every conceivable reason. Forget the violence (which abounds to the extreme), people under 55 should not be allowed to be exposed to the language without their parents' consent.

Sneak Preview of "Rise of the Empire"

Rise of the Empire, is the prequel series to The Wild Earth. It will be a true science fiction (spaceships, lasers, Faster-Than-Light travel, aliens, etc.) But "Rise" will also be rough on the censors and chronicles the epic saga of human history from 2112AD when the Faster-Than-Light technology is developed.

WARNING! (Mild Spoilers, but to give you an idea of what Rise will be)
Mankind will explore and colonize hundreds of star systems out to about a 1000 light year radius from Earth. Obviously thats a lot of "ground" and many argue that we have moved too fast, that it would take centuries to explore the region of space that we already "claim."

We will encounter a race, or rather they will encounter us, in the form of a gigantic black perfectly round and featureless sphere 17 miles in diameter cruising through our solar system on the way to Earth. They will be over 100 million years more advanced. Basically, they are so technologically advanced that one of their pencil sharpeners could destroy our entire interstellar republic, if they were to be careless with one. (While an obvious exaggeration, since they don't have pencils, the idea is that they are so advanced that what they consider to be a trivial technology could wipe out mankind)

We will also encounter some beings just entering the dawn of their stone age. And then the "Edzhin" (ed-zheen, zh as the s in Asia.): a race so similar to us, that our scientists and politicaians keep asking them about it and they keep ignoring the question. They are dull gray skinned but other wise appear to be tall lean (though not skinny) properly proportioned human beings with gray eyes and no hair whatsoever, not even eyebrows or lashes. They are much more advanced and provide us with marvelous medical technologies and cures including, yep, the cure for the common cold (that tells you all you need to know, these people can beat the common cold, so look out!) We also, upon first contact get a good look at a "Hlaik'avu" class Dreadnought, their main "ship-of-the-line" of their territory of space. It is almost three miles long, has its own "hyperspacial occlusion" generators. These basically create the "wormhole" through which the ship passes instantly from one location to another light years away, ours are inefficient and reside in immense fusion reactor powered space stations in deep space outside of the planetary system (beyond Pluto in the case of the Solar system.) We can't get good scans of them, but we can visually identify hundreds of gun ports which house high intensity GRASER cannons, these are LASERS but they use GAMMA RAYS instead of visible light and work at the nuclear level, not at the electron orbital level like regular light based lasers: to wit, light in parallel phase, become a laser beam that can burn through steel, gamma rays which are already strong enough to penetrate several FEET of lead, in parallel phase can, in a continuous beam, be swung and chop a ship as big as they are in half like a toilet paper kite hit by a fire hose ... and those GRASER cannons are the secondary weapon system ...

Sneak Preview of "Rise of the Empire" The Sequel series to The Wild Earth


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