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The Races of The Wild Earth

There are 117 "known" races on The Continent. And this number is subject to change during the course of the series. Most have their territory clearly defined, but not all of them do.

The Known Races
The Map of the Continent (Not complete yet!)

NEW! (added 11/09/09) Guest Characters of Honorable Mention

These characters may only appear in one episode, even one time with no opportunity to reappear, some may appear again, but they have all earned themselves honorable mention

Prince Sotor: The brash, arrogant and highly noticeable eldest son of the King of the Sheedmu Territories is the one who hires Seneca and starts her on the epic adventure in Episode 1 - The Amulet of Rebuklon.

Lissandurakh (Lissie): 40-ish, buxom, platinum blonde "Long neck" Kassanthican woman who provides transportation and joins the team as they across Kassanthica and forge into the Jordak Territory in Episode 1 - The Amulet of Rebuklon.

Colonel Gun: Older Bantu military officer who designed and pushed for and ultimately got a new strategic Bantu military force to be established and he and his brainchild appear in Episode 3 - Soldier of the Empire Part II.

Queen Farazonda: The Grand Queen of the Federacy (of Gumbrilland) who is Lord Governess of Farazonda Province where the Gumbril capital city of Lyrakesh is located. She is known as The Queen of the Golden Silk Hair (each Queen has to establish something new and unique to her regime that forms a part of her monicker, i.e. "Queen Farazonda of the Golden Silk Hair") She has golden honey colored blond hair that she has never been cut and in Episode 17 - Lyrakesh, she has it in thick braids that stretch 20 feet behind her, and 28 of her favorite male concubines have the privilege of carrying it behind her as she walks. Needless to say, Gumbrilland and its society will be well explored in this Episode and the vanity of the Queens, may have no equal in history on any planet.

Queen Feto: The Grand Queen of the Federacy (of Gumbrilland) who is Lord Governess of Feto Province. Feto is by square miles the smallest of the Gumbril provinces and is in the far northwest corner of their land bordering a hostile and antagonistic race that constantly tests the borders and holds a nearly thousand year old grudge over being repelled from their invasion of Gumbrilland. Queen Feto of the Three Diamonds owns the three largest cut diamonds known, each is over 250 carats and about the size of a chicken egg. The Fetolin (people from her province) are well known to be rough and tough even amongst the Gumbrils. Fennic is a Fetolin from the very small rural town of Mende (Men'-deh).

King Brindling the Fourteenth:: Once Klannon (see Torn in the Main Characters section below) is crowned King of Savasket he must take a new name (sort of like the Pope) and so chooses to become the fourteenth King Brindling. The Brindling's have always taken over the nation during a crisis and so he has chosen the monicker for his regime with great apropos as he narrowly manages to end the war with the Bantu and accidentally and barely escapes selling his nation to the Gumbril Grand Queens. If this had gone through, Fennic explains, the Queens would have, in the long run, enslaved and/or exterminated the nation with ease and for fun.

NEW! (added 11/05/09) Supporting Characters

Jud: Jud is the highest ranking civilian official and the mayor of Jud's caravan, the most famous of the Bantu Trader caravans and one of the largest and the first to set out from the Bantu Kingdom in Spring. The caravan is a small airborne trading town and Bantu Embassy on its travels across the continent to assorted, sundry and often strange lands. Jud's authority is extensive. As mayor of what is a mobile Embassy of the Bantu, he is chief Ambassador and arbitrator of international disputes on Bantu ground and even has the authority to declare or allow the declaration of war on behalf of the Bantu by himself or by Sky Captain Geb in the case of pure military involvement.

Geb: A military officer who commands the Bantu Skyguard company (104 non-officers) who man the caravan's defenses is a drinking buddy of Sed's. He navigates the vast collection of hot-air balloon beetle driven carriages from landing point to landing point which is extremely difficult to accomplish even with all of the nifty advantages he has. He is a wickedly tongued old Bantu man, a typical sailor of sorts although he is a "Skymariner" in The Wild Earth.

Lub: Manager of the Bantu Arena Circuit, which accepts National Representatives or "national reps" which fight eliminator matches amongst each other or Independent Professional fighters which fight matches between each other for pure entertainment purposes. He is generally not admired by the other merchants because of the horrendously complex laws, rules, and paperwork involved in his license. He is an older Bantu man with a rather peculiar socially dysfunctional personality and is well known amidst the other Bantu to be the King of the "tightwads" (i.e. "He still has the first copper he ever made.")

Mub: The holder of the Alcohol vendors license, Mub an older Bantu man runs the bar and liquor store of the caravan. He is strangely poorly cut out for his profession in that he is dreadfully afraid of heights, flying, falling (as he states it "I am not afraid of flying, I am afraid of falling!"), and physical violence (especially when it looks like it is headed in his direction) He is nervous to the point well beyond neurotic.

Gef: The holder of the Money Exchange, Change, Safe Keeping, and Lendor's license, Gef runs the money vault and is a branch of the Bantu King's Bank.

Kenoshilla: Boisterous, flamboyant, vain. These words describe most of the middle-aged Bantu ladies who own vendors licenses on the caravan and Kenoshilla is certainly one of the worst. She is a widow and inheritor of the "Games of Chance" license and runs the gambling parlors of which she has several. She is blond gone about half silver and full figured (although still an hourglass) and LOUD and overdressed to every occasion.

Barnilla: Another rich middle-aged blond and slightly overweight Bantu proprietress of the caravan, Barnilla owns a restauranteur license and owns "Barnilla's," an extremely popular very expensive high class (pick the correct wine to go with your meal or be frowned upon) restaurant specializing in Bantu cuisine.

Vernicilla: Another rich middle-aged and slightly overweight Bantu proprietress of the caravan. She is black haired and younger than the preceding ladies and a little less overbearing and extreme in her ways, but she'll get there eventually. She owns a posh store along the lines of Macy's featuring clothing, linens, jewelry, etc.

Amatilla: Another rich middle-aged and slightly overweight Bantu proprietress of the caravan. She is black haired and roughly the same age as Vernicilla. Amatilla is unusually quiet, even serene, for a rich Bantu Lady and rarely gets too deeply into the shouting, gossip fests of the others. She owns the "Personal Services" license and runs "Amatilla's Grooming Parlor" as well as "Amatilla's Girls" who get much more personal than just giving baths and facials.

Lady Taniatha:: An Antibwan woman who owns an Antibwan Restaurant on the caravan. She is also a beautiful little albino waif so it is difficult to tell that she is in her early thirties. Mintaka can't believe that an Antibwan older than 19 is free of her husband to roam the continent and seeks her out to find out how she did it.

Waucilla:: About the age of Vernicilla, Waucilla owns the "Controlled Substances" traders license and Fennic hopes to establish a working relationship with the one woman who is basically the dealer of military equipment, weapons, and all things dangerous.

NEW! (added 11/05/09) Main Characters

A preliminary sketch of Seneca by Ye Yuan

Seneca: A Krocyon woman. She has skin the color of dusty red brick, bright new penny copper colored hair and deep green eyes and is in her mid-20's. She has a "teek ox-ent" very French-like and no surprise as the Krocyon language sounds like a cross between French and Aztec. She is a professional gladiator in the Bantu Arena Circuit. They run the arena fights and eliminator matches as a form of entertainment (like modern boxing) and all national representatives that survive the circuit back to Nyeth, the Bantu capital, participate in the World Championship during the Winter Solstice Festival which lasts three weeks. As a pro however she only fights other pro's sort of like pro boxing versus olympic boxing and the pro fights are purely for entertainment and crowds pay to watch and even wager on the outcomes.

NEW! (added 11/23/09) Seneca for the early going of the series will be the central character and she is a bit of a quiet, mysterious person. You will also note what might be arrogance especially when addressing those who have already signed their own death warrants, but her blade has not finalized that reality yet. Nevertheless it takes three people including a foreign dignitary to dig the truth out of her about her fighting ability. She's no arrogant fool at all. She, according to what she has told us so far, was found as a young orphan on the streets somewhere in the Minogran nation by Master Inuato, Inuato is one of the dozen or so main marshal arts on the Continent and it is almost impossible, due to the waiting list concerning the limited class size and the astronomical price he charges, to be able to go to his monastery to learn Inuato from him.

But that's where the story begins. Later she explains, she defeated a student of Master Numon in one of their private competitions between disciplines and asked Master Inuato if she could take her leave to study Numon. He agreed only because she was already an accomplished master of Inuato and could learn no more from him. Numon agreed to take her to his monastery where she again bucked the waiting list and the monetary restrictions to the fancy of a grand marshal arts master. In Seneca's words: "Uff Een-wah-to... I om ah moss-tair, but uff Moss-tair Numon? Heem I deed soor-poss." Fennic and the dignitary in the conversation understood this revelation looking like they both swallowed toothpicks sideways: Seneca for all practical and very real purposes is in the top ten marshal arts fighters on the Continent and is good enough to start her own monastery. In fact she perfectly blended the two very different arts of Inuato and Numon into her own new marshal art that by all rights should be called "Seneca" although for now she calls it "Numon-Inuato." Inuato is one of the most brilliant and original tacticians in the history of the Continent and his marshal art reflects this in its superb technical precision as sword fighters learn and train not just moves (called "forms") but also how to apply forms: in space: the distribution of the combatants and their weapons with respect to each other; force: the distribution of strength and leverage of the combatants and their weapons; and time: the speed or time required to transition from one form to another during the fight. Inuatonites are legendary sword fighters who learn how to transition from one form to the next steadily improving their spacing, force (leverage against the opponent) and time ultimately converting all of these elements into a form in which they can make a strike which the opponent cannot prevent. Numonites are legendary based on what their master tells them on day one: "You will live forever if you never get in a fight, therefore we do not fight people ... we kill them." Numonites seize the earliest opportunity to apply maximum strength with maximum leverage at maximum speed to achieve the objective: kill the enemy. Seneca blended these two marshal arts and now, as an undisputed master of both, will have scenes where she takes on dozens of enemies at a time, unfortunately for them because she will withdraw her sword from the spleen of one enemy and in a singular continuous motion raise it over her shoulder and back and right into the open mouth and out the back of the head of the opponent rushing up behind her, pull that forward and swing forward and down and take the next ones arm off and we have not discussed the weapon in her left hand ... that killed four people while the right hand you just followed killed two and maimed a third. Technical mastery of space, force, and time with Numonite fatal finality, each technically perfect "form" is a Numonite kill blow ... Enough said. Seneca is the deadliest pure fighter on the Continent.

Fennic: A Gumbril. The Wild Earth begins with Fennic working as the poorly paid and worse treated employee of Kenoshilla, the owner of the gambling parlors of the caravan, he is however the number two main character and driving force in many of the team's adventures (Many more perhaps than they even realize!) He is second only to Seneca for the early part of the series. Fennic claims to be a "rogue" Sokan Zafara. Sokan Zafara, or Master of Concealed Death, are spy/assassins who train for decades. Add to that the Gumbril's natural born skills and capabilities and lack of "positive" emotions and you have a recipe for ruthless, cold, vicious, expert living weapons of the Queens' regimes. As a "rogue" Fennic claims that he could care less about all of that nonsense and he wants to get rich "I am a thief, a conman, and a survivor ... and some day I am going to have a lot of gold and hundreds maybe thousands of employees that I'll pay a copper a day and scream their names all day long ..." But as the caravan crosses the continent from nation to nation, his plight rapidly deteriorates as it becomes apparent that the Zafara are determined to get him back ... dead or alive ... option #1 preferred.

Sed: an old Bantu merchant of 30+ years in his 60's is an old never married skymariner who enjoys his whiskey and/or ale and is a main character in the series. Sed goes on the main characters quests mainly as he puts it (the first time talking to Seneca and Fennic) "to keep you two from getting killed while arguing with each other." Sed becomes the de facto leader of the team somewhat by default and somewhat by being an ex-Batnu Skyguardsman military officer who is used to keeping a team from falling apart and instead working together.

Maab: 3rd Sergeant Maab of the 64th Platoon of the Obok Empire is an Obok. (See The Wild Earth Races) Being Obok explains a lot about him in general but Maab is an unusual Obok in that he, first refuses to admit that he is a scholar, or that there is such a thing as an Obok scholar, yet he corrects everyone's Kybrinhi (the common spoken language) even the Gumbrils who go to the University of Lyrakesh for decades. He is far more outspoken and troublesome than most lone Obok's. Lone Obok's rarely actually engage in combat of any kind, Maab is more than willing to engage in combat, not only alone, but against any number of opponents and this generally gets him into combat because most people don't expect a lone Obok to respond like this to threats, etc. Maab's society, The Obok Empire, is shocking in almost every conceivable and many inconceivable aspects. After Episode's 7 (Dogs of War) and 8 (The World According to the Dogs) his friends in the story and I believe the reader's will have a new respect for his ability to act civilized. This statement is itself ridiculous since he is rude, crude, and obnoxious and those are his qualities. But Maab is not your average run of the mill orc-like character. He is an extremely knowledgeable (often staggeringly so) and skilled soldier and he is a very talented leader of men (hence his sergeant's rank) and he is strangely foolish at times when we know good and well that he is certainly not a fool. Maab is such a bizarre blend of raw unadulterated, hedonistic, terrorizing bad man; insane and goofy mad man; and loyal, honorable, trusting and trustworthy to the death, good man that he is far too interesting and mysterious to just dismiss. Maab is one of our (Ye Yuan and I) favorite characters to create funny scenes and situations for and to draw. A preliminary sketch of him will be posted soon.

Mintaka: An Antibwan. I am still developing her personality which is likely the one with which I have the least in common. Antibwan women are off-the-chain party girls from the age of 14 to 19. The only thing they are NOT allowed to do is injure (or kill, obviously) someone without their permission or steal from them. Believe me, they do everything and way beyond excess. The 14 to 19 year olds often travel and are well known across the continent as "good time girls" though most are a bit expensive and many travel on and work for the caravan. However, they are betrothed to their husbands, chosen by their parents at the age of 13 and undergo the ceremony promising them to their future husband on their 13th birthday. On their 19th birthday they must complete that ceremony and formalize that marriage. If they miss that ceremony, they are considered criminals and are in big trouble as are any persons who have "been with them" after that birthday. Mintaka, like all of her sisterhood, is a professional prostitute, and she has already turned 20, as such she is too old to be one legally and in fact, her name is an alias she began using when she met the team in Episode 1 because of the fact that she is now too old to be legal and is very much on the run and in hiding from her nation, where interestingly enough, the caravan does indeed stop during the series.

Flissy: A Gumbril infertile female. The story so far with her is that she was on the caravan when Jud took it over 31 years ago, so best not be fooled by her long curly honey golden Shirley-Temple-like hair and cherubim 10 year old girl's face and physique. She is 79 years old (See The Wild Earth Races) but infertile Gumbrils can live into their 150's. We also know that she is free from one of the most closed and oppressive societies on the Continent, a nation - The Federacy of Grand Queens - from which no one is ever allowed to leave freely. Fennic insists despite a relatively good performance in several fights in Episode 2 that she does not know how to fight and that she "can do her share of damage, but that's just her Gumbril blood" They, the Gumbril's, are vicious and they are superhumanly fast and dextrous. To wit, a Gumbril having never fired a bow need only be shown how and will be dangerous after shooting only a few arrows. She and Fennic agree quickly that infertile males and females from their land have no need to put up with each other and rarely do, living in segregated barracks and communal locales. So far as Fennic can tell she is not a Zafara and has never been one though at one point she staves off one of his "question storms" by admitting that she was one, but is now retired. It remains to be seen, what is Flissy's mystery?

Torn: A Savasket teenager who has the interesting physical nature of this race. (See The Wild Earth Races) Torn is mildly introduced in Episode 3 as a moody, snappy, grumpy kid who probably doesn't concern himself with sharing his misery with others, but happens to be a damnedable expert at it nevertheless. His older brother negotiates with Fennic for him to take Torn away from Savasket to some other free nation where he has a chance to live out his life in relative peace and anonymity. In Savasket however, everyone knows him as Klannon's idiot brother who can't play Chemurie. This game is a ridiculously complicated board strategy game that all males learn and then join junior guilds, then leagues then compete for rankings, then seedings in the annual Autumnal Eliminator Matches. One's rank in one's league is one's social status, getting seeded is awesome, winning puts one into governmental office, eliminators amongst those can lead to being appointed governor of the province and the governors play elimination matches to determine the King for the year. Being too "daft" to understand and play the game makes Torn the village idiot and what's worse, his brother is the #2 seed in Tablesa Province (the main province where the capital city Endiamontin, and the residence of the King and the center of their government is located) While he does negotiate Torn's delivery from Savasket for Torn's own good, one begins to believe that he also may be the beneficiary of the local population forgetting about Torn "a totally useless bump" (according to Fennic who hates him after exchanging one sentence of their introduction, so much for the race of the centenarian children getting along with children of other races)

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