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The Wild Earth Home


Showoks (from Krocyon "Uhoshowok")

Synopsis (non spoiler) Jud's caravan, the most famous of the Bantu Trader caravans and one of the largest and the first to set out from the Bantu Kingdom in Spring, arrives in Sheedmar, the capital of the Sheedmu Territories. The Bantu Caravans are vast collections of hot-air balloon beetle driven carriages that travel from landing point to landing point which is extremely difficult to accomplish in that they cannot control their direction other than by prevailing winds. Getting the caravan to the destination is the responsibility of the navigator who is also the Sky Captain of the Bantu military contingent assigned to the caravan. The caravan functions as a small airborne trading town and Bantu Embassy on its travels across the continent to assorted, sundry and often strange lands.
Many main and recurring side characters are first introduced in this pilot episode of the series including: Seneca, Kenoshilla, Fennic, Sed, Geb, Jud, Marcelios, Lub, Mub, and Flissy. (See Characters for their descriptions.


Chemurie - Board game from Episode 2 - Soldier of the Empire


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