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Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Amulet of Rebuklon (95% written)

Synopsis (non spoiler) Jud's caravan, the most famous of the Bantu Trader caravans and one of the largest and the first to set out from the Bantu Kingdom in Spring, arrives in Sheedmar, the capital of the Sheedmu Territories. The Bantu Caravans are vast collections of hot-air balloon beetle driven carriages that travel from landing point to landing point which is extremely difficult to accomplish in that they cannot control their direction other than by prevailing winds. Getting the caravan to the destination is the responsibility of the navigator who is also the Sky Captain of the Bantu military contingent assigned to the caravan. The caravan functions as a small airborne trading town and Bantu Embassy on its travels across the continent to assorted, sundry and often strange lands.
Many main and recurring side characters are first introduced in this pilot episode of the series including: Seneca, Kenoshilla, Fennic, Sed, Geb, Jud, Marcelios, Lub, Mub, and Flissy. (See Characters for their descriptions.

Prince Sotor eldest son of the Sheedmu King pays an override of the random fighter selection rules for Seneca to get in the first evening's professional match. Based on what he sees he hires her to retrieve an ancient national icon lost for 400 years, The Amulet of Rebuklon. Fennic overhears and gets himself into the deal and lies and manipulates the situation with magnificent skill as he twists the situation until the Prince has given them hundreds of pieces of gold up front and manages to convince Seneca who never intended to actually look for this thing that she has no choice and must now actually go and find it.
Sed goes mainly as he puts it "to keep you two from getting killed while arguing with each other."
They leave the caravan in the next nation, Kassanthica (half human and half weasel, mostly human "flatfoots" with very long necks leading to the common racial epithet "longneck") after plenty of trouble with the locals. With the help of a Kassanthican woman, named Lissandurakh or "Lissie" who provides very fast transportation north from their capital city of Iskamandiyas across hundreds of miles of relatively remote stretches of road dotted with small towns to Carbatten a hidden lakeside village where Sed recuperates for 10 days from a crossbow bolt in his shoulder.

An image I found that has the right feel as "Morning on the Iskamandy River" that runs past the capital of Kassanthica.

The far shoreline of Lake Carbatten in north central Kassanthica, mid spring, and Mount Thiolkhor, the highest point in the nation looming in the distance (just found it and it's close enough)

From there they proceed east, then north to Kiabakh, another hidden village just south of the border with Jordak. From there they proceed north and pass the great ancient stone border marker into the Jordak territory:

It is a long and harrowing trail across Jordak before they reach Castle Chawklome where the Amulet is believed to be. There are dozens of fights throughout the episode starting with Seneca's professional match on the first night of the entire episode that spans three weeks.

The foreboding road north toward the Jordak territory (Another random image I found that has a good feel although the road is completely smooth in the story)

Episode 2 - Soldier of the Empire (Fully developed plot, 33% written)

Synopsis (non spoiler)
The very first scene begins "About a year ago..." and shows a large group of uniformed Obok encircling and abandoned crumbling stone ruin, sort of a walled palace or mansion overgrown with weeds and vines, the day is dismal; black clouds and light miserable rain. 3rd Sgt. Maab is told to take his squads around back. The others creep in through the front archway passing through large rooms with columns and wide curved stair cases (all stone and obviously ancient.) They make their way to the central open atrium where there is a large black object apparently sleeping. A Krocyon woman calls out awakening it, a Sarewok, (A brief description: these are very large, exoskeletal, black creatures that roughly resemble what would happen if an Alien from the movie Alien laid its egg in a dragon. That is where the resemblance ends and the real sarewok begins...) the several Obok closest to it attack, it instantly grows appendages out of the sides of its lower jaws that rapidfire bright pulses of energy that blow its prey to pieces. As the limbs are flying, the woman leaps onto its neck and sees that many of the Obok have retreated behind the partial walls, pillars, and so on although it is doing a very effective job at blasting away at these stone structures. She orders the creature to destroy everything. We see her clearly and she hs very dark red hair and very light, almost white, gray eyes and is therefore not Seneca. It retracts the jaw weapons and grows a horizontal half circular disk protrusion from its throat. This emits a sheet of energy covering about a third of a pie slice that penetrates walls, pillars, etc. and in fact levels the entire front of the ruin. It grows four long thin batlike wings in dragonfly arrangement, springs into the air hovers over the structure hitting it with another sheet of energy wiping out the rest of it. Maab's men charge, but he screams "Get down!" once he sees the sarewok, it turns and cuts them down with the energy sheet weapon, a flying boiling hot fragment of one of his men knocks him on his back where he lays stunned as the sarewok inspects the area in infrared. It sees a heat signature, hovers closer, retracts the big throat weapon and extends the lower jaw weapons. Maab looks up into the Krocyon woman's light gray eyes, she speaks in Krocyon and the creature retracts the weapons, turns and flies away with long powerful strokes of the wings that propel it at a surprising velocity as it quickly vanishes into the low solid clouds...
Next the story takes up at the moment the team returns to the caravan in Kafrazed (half human and half elk, they are one of only two "true Centaur" races) which is the ending scene of Episode 1. Fennic is concerned about a hidden agent from his country who must be stationed on the caravan though no one has ever seen him. The caravan leaves Kafrazed and in three days arrives at Savasket (half human and half squirrel, again mostly human looking flatfoots but they are the only known race to truly hibernate amongst other unusual cultural twists) Fennic decides to get at the hidden agent; to "draw him out," by going into town and snooping around for the agent who would be assigned to the capital.
While stirring it up, the locals are immediately very upset about his inquiries and though they already objected to having a "Krocyon Sorceress" in their midst, they immediately and quietly begin moving in on the team. Fennic starts a fire that starts the fight that they barely escape while Seneca notices she is being followed and stomps into a bar where she picks a fight ... with all of them. Slumped down unnoticed in the room just before the fight begins is an Obok 3rd sergeant who splits one of their skulls from behind and as the victim falls out of the way so he can clearly see Seneca looking back over her shoulder he exclaims "You're not the one!" Both reduce the local population in the bar to zero in a short, spectacular and violent fashion. This is followed by a zany "who's on first" routine as she tries to figure out what he was talking about, and quickly realizes that he may never know what he is talking about. As she decides, mostly out of admiration for his fighting ability which is based on the fact that he is large and swings an even larger axe, to take him to the caravan for the drink he's craving, the men who had been following her crash through the door and take in the carnage in shock and draw swords to which Maab asks "Friends of yours?" Seneca: "Day are dee fierced once I made een Safasket." They proceed to wipe them out as well. Starting a tangled mess in which the local agent sends wave after wave of loyals after them as she flees the city. They pursue her through 4 cities across hundreds of miles leaving hundreds dead along the way and constantly think they are close only to be thwarted again and again running into her loyals and/or booby traps in a classic battle of wits between Gumbril agents. The episode reaches a massive apex including a showdown and fight between two Gumbril agents which while amazing is not the extent of what is yet to come in that regard ...

Episode 3 - Soldier of the Empire, Part II (currently being developed)

Takes up the following morning and finally we spend some quality time with our team, Sed, Seneca, Flissy, Mintaka of Antibwa, and Maab during routine daily activities such as going for breakfast at Barnilla's and just discussing things. Because of their radically different languages, cultures and mentalities however, most conversations involve a misunderstanding somewhere that generally leads to humorous consequences or Sed's need to intervene before they go for each other's throats.
The aftermath of Fennic's deal with a local does not take long to crowd his lifestyle and his patience as does the aftermath of the long bloody running fight with Finora and her loyals the previous day and another highly troublesome and bloody day is brewing...

Episode 4 - Another Day, Another Piece of Gold (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team land in the next land east of Savasket (race yet to be named and developed) Seneca must decide if she is going to reactivate her pro fighting contract which she bought out in Episode 1 and incidentally she already has enough gold to never need to fight again. Fennic purchases an empty caravan carriage and begins renovations mainly for it to become his own skymansion, but Sed convinces him, mainly because of the legal issues and taxation laws concerning it being privately used on the caravan, to sublet it to him so that he can actually do business in it under Sed's license.

Episode 5 - Thiwethican Connection (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team land in Thiwethica, one of the major races. The team has run into their national product, Thiwethican firecrackers which are stronger than dynamite, on more than one occasion. Furthermore, they have a possible lead that Finora's (Ep. 2) accomplices might be in Thiwethica and she definitely purchased the firecrackers and the country is due south of Savasket (Ep. 2 and 3) Thiwethicans are a bit on the arrogant side and possess an extreme culture. They love the arena fights though they don't personally fight in them, and provide dozens of prospective fighters of various races as "Independent Professional fighters" (like Seneca) and pay their sponsorships and for the ringside seats so they can watch them fight. This will be the first episode in which we get a nice smorgasbord of races and arena fights some of which which put Seneca's skills to the test for the first time.

Episode 6 - Obera (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team land in the country south and west of Savasket, due south of Barultul and Lesethmi(between Kassanthica which is east of Sheedmu and Kafrazed which is west of Savasket) The next major character of the team, named Obera, will join the story in this country (yet to be named)

Episode 7 - Dogs of War (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team land in the country south and west of Sheedmu. They will learn that the race is preparing for war with the Obok. Maab will be faced with the very uncomfortable choice of gladly letting it happen versus doing the much more needed thing of averting it.

Episode 8 - The World According to the Dogs (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team land in the country due west of the one in Episode 7: The Obok Empire where Maab is torn between staying in his beloved horrifying to most outsiders country or to continue his pursuit of the mysterious Krocyon woman that can ride a sarewok.

Episode 9 - (no title)

The caravan and the team land in the country due west of the Obok and due south of the Vikun. The team will try to go to the Vikun (slurred from Krocyon original name "Faiakun" meaning sorceror) in an attempt to finally destroy the Amulet of Rebuklon.

NEW! (Title and details 10/28) Episode 10 - The Bantu King and Court

The caravan and the team land in the country due south of the Bantu nation. At this point the caravan has run the first easternbound leg to the coastal country (Ep. 4) and turned and come all the way back west, they will turn south and proceed back across headed east. Being so close, this gives the Bantu the opportunity to go home if they desire. Jud, Geb, Sed, and any witnesses are called to Nyeth for an inquest by the Regent's Admiralty into the events at Kassanthica and Savasket. We'll get to see a lot of "The Kingdom" including showok farms, the massive plains which are the landing grounds for 62 "full route" caravans and 30 "short run" caravans, south of Nyeth which is literally carved from the side of a great granite mountain and has a waterfall washing down through the center of the city to Lake Nyeth below. We'll see Sed's "Nyeth Office" in the downtown district, a true medieval New York, the Gladiatorial Arenas which pale Earths coliseums of Rome or the NFL, and of course the Bantu King's Palace and his Court's Offices including the Regent's Admiralty where the Inquest will take place. There will be no doubts as to the Bantu's wealth as a nation and their similarity to the USA as an over-bureaucratic "goldocracy."

Episode 11 - (no title)

The caravan and the team land in the country due south of the one in episode 10. While here, the Western Arbanikesh mountains lie to the south. Although the locals are not fond of the Arayolon, they do come to the caravan something they normally don't do and tensions rise.

Episode 12 - (no title)

(no current plot development)

Episode 13 - (no title)

The caravan and the team pass south of Thiwethica and through the Martukkan Pass in the Eastern Kolburnakesh mountains. During the passage and while airborne the Martukkans visit for about a week.

Episode 14 - Into the Southern Half (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team pass through the Martukkan Pass in the Eastern Kolburnakesh mountains and into the Southern half of The Continent. They will stop at the edges of The Great Desert in a nation as yet unnamed. This will be the first time hit men make an attempt on Fennic.

Episode 15 - Signs and Portents (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team will land in Uzithi, the homeland of Seneca's second master and teacher, Master Numon creator of the one the major martial art fighting styles and one of the most expensive monasteries on the Continent. She will learn that he disappeared without a trace.

Episode 16 - (no title) (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team will land in Minogra, the place where Seneca was allegedly found as a young teen by Master Inuato. Here is where the team will cross paths with a small group of Krocyon Holy Knights, the Shanara Shai, camping in the wilderness. They will speak with Seneca and be very interested in her although they won't be forthcoming they are highly respectful of Shainadh Seneca (Holy Daughter Seneca.)

NEW! (Title and details 10/28) Episode 17 - Lyrakesh (early developmental stage)

The caravan arrives in Lyrakesh, Farazonda Province, Gumbrilland and we will get a real good look at their oppressive, communist-like society and their Federacy of the Grand Queens, including Queen Farazonda, her Palace Farazonda, the largest (in square footage of usable floorspace) and tallest (above foundation) edifice on the continent, a tall apparently thin pyramid 1300 feet high, and Queen Feto in particular who is one of the most power hungry and loathsome creatures you will ever encounter.

NEW! (Title and details 10/28) Episode 18 - Aiwa Urocyon ("I am Urocyon") (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team will land in Urocyon which lies east of Krocyon. Here we will pick up Princess Xuxanadh of Toywah of the House of Queen Evafecek. "Shoosha" is one of our main characters, perhaps THE main character, and will set us up for Season 2 very nicely as we explore one of the grandest spectacles of The Wild Earth, the Urocyon and their society.

NEW! (Title and details 10/28) Episode 19 - Mat Krocyon Adelonay ("That Krocyon Beloved") (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team will land in The Free Republic of Krocyon. We will enjoy revelations concerning Seneca, big time! And not to be outdone by their neighbors, we will see that the Krocyon although they have severely limited their contact with the rest of the Continent for over a century, they are definitely still one of the greatest and intriguing of all the Wild Earth's societies. (Title is the title to their national anthem.)

Episode 20 - It is not an Ending... (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team will land in as yet an unnamed country for the pinnacle exploding point of the plotline centered around Seneca and her mysterious past and her own personal mysterious quest that will also cross paths with what was believed to be the unrelated path of Maab's quest AND there are even more layers and twists than that in the first "season" finale which promises to have non-stop action and a completely horrific death toll.

Season 2 - Episode 1 (Episode 21) - Championship of the Arena (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team will arrive in Nyeth, the capital of Bantu a week or two before the Winter Solstice Festival which lasts for three weeks in the heart of winter and includes the World Championship of the Arena. In this episode which was the original planned pilot, there will be non-stop arena combat amid various races we did not get a chance to see during the previous season.

NEW! (Added 10/2'2010) Scenes from The Wild Earth

Episode 1 Scene

Future Episode Scene 1

Season 2 - Episode 2 (Episode 22) - (no title) (early developmental stage)

The caravan and the team will arrive in Parthena in the far west Kolburnakesh mountains. It is these mysterious "Witches of the North" who may have a solution for the Amulet of Rebuklon.

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