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Install DNS, DHCP and WINS on a Windows 2000 Server

Working complete PC
Blank Diskette
Student Diskette, "New Boot A Ver 2.0+"
Student CD-ROM, "Windows 2000 Server OEM"
The student will become familiar with:
The Windows 2000 Server Control Panel,
The installation of additional Windows components on the Server,
The installation of Server services for the enterprise network.
The student will learn how to navigate the Windows 2000 Server Control Panel including the installation of additional or optional Windows components. The student will learn how to install additional Windows 2000 Server components for the purposes of adding enterprise level network server roles to the server to provide to the network.

In this exercise the Server was installed with all default choices in the installation process (See Installation of Windows 2000 Advanced Server for details). The server by default has no true infrastructure "serving" capacity when this is done. This is fine because like any version of Windows optional components can be added and removed at any time this includes LAN Server infrastructure components as well. So with a "barebones" Windows 2000 Advanced Server freshly installed with all defaults, boot up the system and log on as Administrator. Once at the desktop the procedures below may begin.

This tutorial is an integral component of the installation of a single standalone Windows 2000 Domain Controller as the first server of a new network. This series of tutorials will take the student through the process from start to finish:

  1. To make the Windows 2000 server a DNS server the component must be added from the Add/Remove Programs applet of the Control Panel:

  2. With the Control Panel open, double click on Add/Remove Programs and this different looking version of the applet will appear:

  3. When you click on the Add/Remove Windows Components button on the left side of the window, this progress activity message will appear:

  4. When Windows has finished compiling the list of currently installed components the categories Window will appear:

  5. Double click the Networking Services component (not the IIS Component highlighted above!) and the items installed window will appear. Check the box in front of Domain Name System and DHCP and WINS and then click OK:

  6. That closed the individual Networking Components window and returned to the Windows Components window. In the Windows components window click Next:

  7. The system will begin to install and configure all components that were selected in the previous screen:

  8. If new files must be extracted from the compressed files of the installation folder on the CD-ROM the Windows Component installer will then request the original installation CD-ROM:

  9. Insert the CD-ROM and click the OK button. Windows will proceed with the file copy:

  10. Windows may ask for a change in the TCP/IP protocol at this point, if it does, see Configure TCP/IP for Windows 2000, otherwise the Windows Components Wizard will end with this screen:

  11. Now the DHCP and DNS Services can be configured. See Configuring Domain Name Service on Windows 2000 Server and Configuring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol on Windows 2000 Server. WINS rarely needs to be configured. Once installed it should be up and running and fully operational. Windows Internet Naming Service is basically a fully dynamic server level form of a NetBIOS-to-TCP/IP address resolution similar to but certainly more powerful and comprehensive than the Master Browser of Windows peer-to-peer networks.

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